Pama’s operational activities have always been characterised by the attention paid to safety and maximum respect for the environment. It is not a coincidence that the production plant is equipped with emission collection and reduction systems, capable of recovering and recycling most of the raw materials used in production.

During the flocking processes, Pama Srl uses mainly water based adhesives, limiting the use of solvents as far as possible. This authentic ecological choice soon proved to be a winning formula, also from a commercial point of view, given the growing demand for low environmental impact products.

The attention given to the safety and health aspects of its products, to safeguard the end users, is flanked by a continuous improvement in employee working conditions.

State-of-the-art, functional and well organised production areas, spacious, well illuminated and healthy work environments, are important factors for the well-being of employees and creating conditions which generate increasingly high-standard results.