Flocking and its functions

The flocking process confers totally new properties to the products it coats. Apart from the aesthetic and tactile pleasure of the velvety effect, flocked articles also boast other useful advantages.

Here are the key functions of flocked objects:

  • condensation-proofing
    The flock layer retains the condensate preventing dripping (e.g. in the internal structure of an air conditioner unit).
  • scratch-proofing
    Flocking protects the object, and its contents, with a soft and fluffy layer (e.g. a sight glasses case).
  • slip-proofing
    Flocked surfaces create more friction compared to smooth surfaces (e.g. to prevent clothes slipping off hangers).
  • sound-proofing and vibration proofing
    The flocking absorbs sound and vibration (e.g. in car glove compartments).
  • reflection-proofing
    The flocked layer reduces reflection of light (e.g. a car dashboard)