Velvet finishing is another term used to describe the flocking (or flock coating) processes.

Velvet finishing is an industrial process where all kinds of articles and products are coated in a fine layer of fibres that give them a velvety effect. The material used for the surface coating is called “flock”, a word from which the term “flocking” derives. In English flock is a term that aims to describe the light consistency of the fibres it is made of.

For centuries velvet has been renowned and appreciated for its soft touch and the sensations of luxury, prestige and opulence it conveys. These same properties are also present in the products and articles that are coated with the velvet finish (or flocked).

In addition to the aesthetic value of the velvet finishing treatment, it is widely used in many merchandise sectors, also given the functional properties (link alla pagina dedicata) it conveys to the treated surfaces.