Research and development

Research, growth and development

The main objective that Pama Srl poses itself on a daily basis is customer satisfaction, achievable by offering a customised turnkey service.

The customer is accompanied and advised by Pama’s expert personnel from the initial order phase through to the final purchase phase.

To improve services even further, Pama srl also supplies the casting of the products to be flocked, placing its technical staff at the disposal of the customer to collaborate during the die design phase. This allows it to optimise the flocking process and reduce the overall cost of the finished product.


Pama Srl exploits the prototyping activities to test new design, stylistic and technical solutions at a very face pace. To understand which techniques and which materials are the most suited, it is useful to conduct truly significant tests and correct any project design errors, reducing timing and global costs.

The quality of the results depends on an accurate finish and meticulous control by expert personnel but, above all, on an accurate project analysis that leads to choosing the best technological solutions possible.

Pilot systems

The realisation of a pilot system for the development of new products allows Pama to identify new promising markets and diversify its product range. Pama develops projects on actual parameters, transferable at an industrial level, responding competitively to market requests which are increasingly more demanding in terms of innovation and quality.

Thanks to the high degree of specialisation achieved, its design and engineering skills and the innovative technologies adopted, Pama srl is able to manage and control all the production cycle phases. Highly qualified personnel are appointed to the install and start-up of the systems, guaranteeing utmost safety and maximum performance.